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Rustic Style Wood Wick Vegan Candles

Rustic Style Wood Wick Vegan Candles

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Made with all-natural ingredients and organic soy wax, our vegan candle offers a clean and long-lasting burn, free from harmful toxins and chemicals. The Rustic Style Candle comes in a classic 8oz glass jar, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home.

This Mason Jar Candle is available in a variety of unique fragrances, choose from our signature scents, including Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Fields, Jamaica Me Crazy, and more.

Each Rustic Style Candle is carefully crafted by hand in small batches, ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail in every candle. With a burn time of up to 50 hours, our Mason Jar Candle is a cost-effective way to add ambiance and relaxation to your home.

You can experience the power of nature in every burn with our Rustic Style Candle. Order now and transform your space into a cozy oasis of comfort and relaxation.

Transform your home into a haven. Buy our handcrafted candles today.

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Candle Tips

Shipping & Proccessing

We offer a Processing Guarantee of 48 Hours. Meaning Within 48 Hours Your Candles Will Be Packaged & Handed Off To The Carrier to Ship.(This Only Excludes Custom Orders, & In The Event of Any Other Instances a Coupon Will Be Offered Along With Free Shipping on Your Next Order!)

Candle Tips

Cure Time

Each Soy Creation Cures for 10-14 Days Before Being Moved To Our "Ready" Area Where We Pick Candles to Ship From. Meaning, This Cure Is Already Done Prior To Your Order So You Can Expect The Quickest Shipping Times Possible!(Candles Are Sent Within 48 Hours) This Only Excludes Custom Orders As We Pride Ourselves In Having Our Candles Ready For Our Customers In Need!

Candle Tips

Candle Lighting

We Recommend a Candle Lighter, or Long Nosed Lighter for Both Sizes of Rustic Candles, But Especially in 16oz. While a Normal Lighter is Fine, As the Candle Burns Down It Will Become Increasingly Harder to Light with a Normal Lighter. Also, Allow the Flame from the Wick to Melt the Wax COMPLETELY to EACH SIDE of The Candle on the First Burn (Can Take a Few Hours) to Ensure an Even Burn Throughout Entire Candle. (Candle Care Guide Included with Each Candle)