Coconut Soy Wax

Imagine a candle that is not only perfectly scent filled but could double as luxury lotion. Candles with a cause. Because we use only 100% soy and 100% coconut blended wax we have produced a silky-smooth clean wax that is pure enough to be both a candle and lotion. As a result, you can use your favorite smelling candle to moisturize your skin.   
There are many positive benefits to natural coconut and soy wax. First off, it’s a vegan option. There are no animal products or byproducts in coconut soy wax. Coconut and soy are both renewable crops. We can replant and replace these crops with limited carbon impact.
Coconut wax is an environmentally friendly product straight from coconuts. The manufacturing of coconut wax is not associated with deforestation. Farming coconuts is easy on the environment as there is no need for pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. This makes for an ideal source from seed to wax with no negative impacts on your body or the world. Coconut wax is considered one of the healthiest types of waxes. We like the clean, rich benefits of natural candles and the purity associated with the wax.
Paraffin is a petrochemical byproduct. To clarify, the oil refinery industry created the byproduct which is used to make the paraffin wax; think of gasoline. To achieve the paraffin wax, the oil byproduct goes through a series of toxic manufacturing steps. The petrochemical byproduct is bleached by adding dioxin. To build its texture to the mix a carcinogen called acrolyn is added. The blend is mixed with animal-based stearic acid. This additive is a byproduct of the meatpacking slaughterhouses. This blend allows the wax to harden into a candle wax. Most candles marketed as soy wax or coconut wax are actually blended with paraffin. When shopping with Forest Fragrance you are given a 100% guarantee that ALL of our candles are 100% all natural.
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